Topic outline

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Information relating to the training package, its key elements, requirements and means of certification:

    • Session 1: LAQM Assessments

      AQ Update in light of Feasibility Studies and National AQ Plan.

      An understanding of current government requirements and timescales for:

      • Annual Reporting: ASR (Eng/Lon), APR (Scot), USA (Wales/NI)
      • Progress reporting
      • Detailed assessments

      • Session 2: Data and Analysis for LAQM Assessments

        An understanding of the general approach to take when characterising emissions from sources, the problem pollutants, pitfalls, and national data to use.

        • Sources of data
        • Emission factors and tools
        • National datasets
        • Inventories

        • Session 3: Assessment of Sources

          An understanding of dispersion models and modelling approaches to assessing:

          • Roads
          • Industrial emissions
          • Other emissions

          • Session 4: Air Quality Management Areas

            An understanding of how to:

            • Declare an AQMA
            • Consult the public

            • Session 5: Action Planning and Air Quality Strategies

              An overview of Action Planning and the steps needed to develop a plan:

              • Steering Groups
              • Developing AQAP

              An understanding of AQ Strategies and why they are required

              • Essentials of LAQM 3 Knowledge Check, Feedback and CPD

                The LAQM 3 Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across LAQM 3. 

                Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.