Topic outline

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  • Welcome & Introduction

    Information relating to this training module, it's key elements, requirements and means of certification.

    • Session 1: Getting the Legal’s Right

      This session will examine the basic requirements relating to the development of conditions and requirements.  What can you require/ask for using the various legal controls (statutory nuisance, planning, environmental protection permits and licensing).

      • Session 2: Preparing Noise Reports Key Elements

        This session will review the key elements of a noise report, including review of scope, backgrounds, status, methods used, display of results, conclusions and recommendations.

        The session will highlight the differences between reports used for compliance with statutory nuisance, planning and licensing.

        • Session 3: Noise Management Plans

          Noise Management plans will be considered, focussing on their use, content and flexibility for use in regulatory controls.  An example Noise Management Plan will be used to provide context.

          • Session 4: Discharge of Statutory Duty/ombudsman

            Consistency and management of Noise regulation.

            Consideration of the Ombudsman process.

            • Session 5: Wording Notices and Conditions

              This session will consider the drafting and wording of notices and conditions.  Simple case studies will be used to illustrate the testing of conditions against the planning condition criteria.

              • Session 6: Final Case Study

                The final case study will provide a trainer led walk through of a complex report, including review, evaluation and outcome.

                • Essentials of Noise 5 Knowledge Check, Feedback and CPD

                  The Noise 5 Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across Noise 5.

                  Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.