Topic outline

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Information relating to the training module, it's key elements, requirements and means of certification.

      • Session 1: Impact Assessments Theory

        This session will review the basic theory of impact assessments.  It will cover the selection of standards and matching the standard to the source, review of the applicability of standards (highlighting potential uncertainties and how these may be overcome and will provide a summary matrix for when some standards are or are not applicable.

        • Session 2: WHO Guidelines/BS8233:2014

          This session will review the use of measurements to compare to WHO and BS8233:2014.  It will identify key issues with using long term average levels for impact assessment purposes, and look at the latest WHO guidance.  It will also discuss a methodology for helping identify the LAMax impacts associated with event noise.

          • Session 3: CRN/CRTN

            This session will review the CRN and CRTN methodologies, and explain how both standards are used in impact assessments, using both calculations (models) and measurements to provide robust assessments for use in the prediction of impacts.  It will also provide a brief overview of DMRB and other related guidance.

            • Session 4: BS 4142:2014 Industrial Noise

              This session will cover the method used to conduct a BS4142 impact assessment, and review the potential issues arising with the use of BS4142.  It will consider the subjective elements of the assessment (acoustic features) and provide insight into the key issues arising with improper use within impact assessments.

              • Session 5: BS 5228:2009 Construction Noise

                Using example case studies, this session will provide a detailed review of the practical application of BS 5228 to predict construction site noise, and how it is used to inform CEMP’s as part of the planning and construction phases of development.

                • Session 6: Environmental Impact Assessment Final Case study

                  Session 6 will provide a basic introduction to Environmental Impact Assessments, and we will review some of the data produced for the noise element of an EIA that draws on the standards discussed during the day.

                  • Essentials of Noise 3 Knowledge Check, Feedback and CPD

                    The Noise 3 Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across Noise 3. 

                    Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.