Topic outline

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Explaining the training package, its key elements, requirements and means of certification. Including the aims of the day and relevant LA officers duties.

    • Session 1: What is Risk Management?

      Overview of the aims of any risk management actions and the differences between in situ and ex situ techniques.

      • Session 2: Waste Legislation

        Outline of how waste legislation affects remediation decisions, including an overview of the DoWCOP process

        • Session 3: Remediation Technologies Used in the UK (Part 1)

          Covering civil-engineering, Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA), Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) and biological technologies

          • Session 4: Remediation Technologies Used in the UK (Part 2)

            Covering physical, chemical and thermal technologies, and solidification/stabilization methods

            • Session 5: Options Appraisal

              How should an appropriate remediation strategy be identified and justified?

              • Session 6: Remediation Strategy and Verification Reports

                A brief overview of current guidance and good practice

                • Essentials of CLM 4 Knowledge Check, Feedback and CPD

                  The CLM 4 Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across CLM 4.

                  Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.