Topic outline

  • Session 0: Welcome and Introduction

    Information relating to the training package, its key elements, requirements and means of certification.

    • Session 1: The Basics of Action Planning

      Understanding of what local air quality strategies and AQMAs are, including:

      • Policy and practice guidance
      • Source apportionment
      • Options to reduce emissions
      • Reporting progress

      • Session 2: LAQM Guidance 2022

        An introduction to:

        • LAQM.PG & TG(22): New Guidance
        • Overview and new approach
        • Accompanying Practice Guidance Notes

        • Session 3: Planning and Development Control

          An introduction to air quality and planning

          • Supplementary planning guidance and documents
          • Section 106 agreements
          • Air quality impact assessments
          • Smoke control areas/clean air act

          • Session 4: Transport and Action Planning

            An introduction to air quality and transport

            • The role of transport in air quality
            • Key transport policies and regulations
            • Local measures to reduce emissions
            • Low emission/clean air zones
            • Low emission vehicles

            • Session 5: Option Development and Assessment

              An understanding of measure selection and assessment:

              • Steering groups and engagement
              • Emissions and air quality assessment
              • Economic assessment

              • Session 6: Air Quality Planning: Reporting Requirements and Demonstrating Progress

                Reporting requirements for AQAP and how to deliver these:

                • Reporting requirements
                • Local indicators and targets
                • Linkage with other council policy

                • Essentials of LAQM 4 Knowledge Check, Feedback and CPD

                  The LAQM 4 Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across LAQM 4. 

                  Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.