Topic outline

  • Session 1: Noise, Health and Quality of Life

    This session will review the basis of noise impacts on health, and highlight the potentially conflicting issue of ensuring good ventilation.  The session will highlight the underpinning relationship linking to National Planning Guidance and Building Control Regulation.

    • Session 2: National Planning Policy and ProPG

      A brief look at national planning policy, (including the planning practice guidance), and consideration of ProPG in terms of the how the guidance document demonstrably implements the national policies providing a clear framework for decision making.

      • Session 3: Building Regulations – Codes E, F, O

        This session will review the codes of practice relevant to noise, and specifically the interactions between ventilation/thermal comfort and noise.

        • Session 4: Good Design Process and the ProPG

          This session will review the principles of good design enshrined in the ProPG document, and highlight the key process requirements and criteria in achieving good acoustic design.

          • Session 5: Case Study 1 - Good Design Example

            The case study predates the ProPG document, but will highlight the principles of design, and link to ProPG it will reflect back on sessions 2 and 4 of the screening assessment methodology which sets the basis for the design approach.  The case study will illustrate that ProPG approaches can be used generically to achieve good design and the study will clearly show the missing elements that would need to be addressed to fully comply with ProPG.

            • Session 6: Case Study 2 - Good Acoustic Design

              This session will provide a good example of the use of ProPG where an outline application evolves to produce a fully integrated process that identifies the design constraints and provides the acknowledgment for compliance with noise standards, ventilation and overheating requirements.

              • Knowledge Check

                The Advanced Noise - Good Acoustics, Sustainable Design and ProPG Assessments Knowledge Check will enable you to review your understanding of the course material from the 6 sessions across Advanced Noise - Good Acoustics, Sustainable Design and ProPG Assessments.

                Participants will have three attempts at the Knowledge Check and a score of 75% is required to pass.

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